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Miracle Mum, Tara shares her story of how fast things turned south for their baby. It is a powerful reminder why it's so important to pay attention to your baby's movements.

"At 38 weeks and 5 days I felt my baby wasn’t moving quite as it had been. Our midwife advised us to go straight to the hospital where we were monitored for a couple of hours with no concern until I sat up in a particular way and baby’s trace turned concerning.

Within 15 minutes baby was out via an emergency cesarean. She was lifeless, covered in meconium, the thin cord tightly wrapped around her neck four times. It took the team nine minutes to resuscitate her.

A PIPER team arrived and began her cooling process, once stabilised they transferred her to Monash NICU. Machines were doing everything for her and we were warned of the very grim possibilities. 

Nine days later after clearing many tests, a promising MRI and no present signs of hypoxia, our little lady was discharged. She will require additional monitoring than the typical baby/child but she survived and is otherwise presenting as a typical 6 week old baby. 

We are forever grateful to the wonderful staff at GUH, the PIPER team and amazing crew at Monash NICU."

Thank you Tara for sharing your story.

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