Proud Grandparent stories

[image]Diane and Willow

Diane and Willow

As a parent I have to say that my children amaze me with their resilience and their ability to cope as I do not know how I would have done so. I am extremely proud to be the Nan to Willow, our miracle baby and my other 10 amazing grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Sharing this experience has brought us all closer together as a family.

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[image]Judith and Estelle

Judith and Estelle

Throughout Estelle’s stay in hospital I visited and watched each stage of her recovery with passionate interest and love. Since her discharge from hospital some 14 weeks after her birth I have watched with delight as she has met each milestone and has developed as a beautiful and loving little girl.

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[image]Dale and twins Sasha and Ivy

Dale and twins Sasha and Ivy

As Granny, I cannot express to Amy and Beau how much being invited to share in their journey has meant to me. Words seem inadequate and THANK YOU does not convey the deep emotions I feel at having been able to grow to know my granddaughters from their very beginnings - it is pure joy.


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[image]Christine and Stella Ruby

Christine and Stella Ruby

My heart broke because l started to relive the emotions and sadness I experienced 35 years ago when l gave birth to my daughter at 25 weeks. She was meant to be a miscarriage but survived and is a mother to 3 children.

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[image]Kellie and Amelia

Kellie and Amelia

As a nanna for the first time this journey was so worrisome and stressful. Visiting the NICU was really hard for me, the heat in the room, watching the monitors, the buzzers, my heart was in my throat every time. The journey of a premmie's Nanny is a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

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[image]Jane and Noah

Jane and Noah

It was a difficult time, I would pick my daughter up Monday to Friday and drive an hour and a half to and from the hospital. I took time off from my job to do this and was fortunate that I could.

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