Coming to terms with what's happended

Coping with having a premature or sick newborn can be very difficult. It is common for parents to feel a range of complex emotions and each person will handle the crisis in their own unique way.

“The NICU was an onslaught of flashing lights, alarming machines, indecipherable language and living minute by minute. Simply surviving the war zone of NICU and its inconceivable highs and lows required all the obtainable support to keep me standing” NICU mum.

At different times you may experience a combination of powerful feelings, such as; fear, love, guilt, elation, anxiety, joy, isolation, pride, sadness, anger, confusion, numbness, disappointment.

Be assured that these are all natural responses to what is a very emotional and stressful time in your life. It is normal to grieve the loss of your dream of a normal pregnancy and all the experiences you were anticipating.

"The first time I saw Ruby, I was overcome with emotion and bawled my eyes out - actually, I did that for the first few days until I got used to not being able to touch her. The nurses were great and very open to answering any questions I asked."
- Mandy mum to Ruby born at 27+6 weeks
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