Westmead Hospital


Cnr Hawkesbury and Darcy Roads
NSW 2145
P: (02) 9845 5555


Paid parking

Children's Hospital (this campus) - multi story complex located Hainsworth Street with entrance on roundabout. Fee is determined at the auto pay station prior to returning to your vehicle on exit. The auto pay stations accept coins, and notes up to $50 or credit cards and provide change as appropriate.

Timed Casual Fees

  • 0-1 hours $5
  • 1-2 hours $8
  • 2-3 hours $10
  • 3-4 hours $12
  • 4-5 hours $14
  • > 5 hours $16

Pre-pay $16 (unlimited same day entry & exits)
Westmead Hospital (nearby campus) - multi story complex located corner of Hawkesbury & Darcy Roads (entry via both roads), $7 per day coins only.

Old University of Western Sydney (nearby campus) - open air parking located corner of Hawkesbury & Darcy Rd (entry via Hawkesbury Rd), $5 per day coins only.

Emergency parking

Located at the main entrance to the hospital and controlled by the Concierge in normal working hours.

Free parking (most street parking limited to 2 hours)

Westmead - Hawkesbury Rd, Caroline St, Helen St, Jessie St and Hainsworth Street.
Northmead - Redbank Rd, Beamish Rd, Brelogail, Bevan and Balfour Streets.
Parramatta Park - parking bays located in Parramatta Park (entry via bottom end of Hainsworth Street).

Mobility parking

Vehicles parking in these spaces must display a current Mobility Parking Permit issued by the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) to be eligible to park in these locations otherwise an infringement notice could be issued.

Hospital Main Entrance

Visitor Parking Station - multi story complex on roundabout in Hainsworth St
Hawkesbury Rd - just south of hospital main entrance in front of CMRI (research facility)
Hainsworth St - near entrance to Cumberland Hospital


The Western Sydney NurtureGroup is held in Westmead fortnightly.


Facilitated by qualified Miracle Babies Foundation Volunteers, these in hospital parent support sessions operate within Australian NICUs. This vital, comforting, emotional support provides parents with the opportunity to share their journey with someone who has been there. Meet other parents who have also experienced a premature or sick newborn.

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