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15 Hospital Avenue
WA 6009
P: (08) 6456 2222

PCH’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides intensive and high dependency care for the sickest babies and infants. Over 700 babies are admitted to PCH’s NICU each year for a wide range of specialist investigations or complex medical and surgical problems.

We develop and share clinical guidelines and shared medical and nursing staff with the NICU at King Edward Memorial Hospital. 

We also work closely with PCH’s subspecialist teams and departments, including General Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Dietetics, etc. Our unit has:

  • 20 intensive care beds for critically ill babies and those undergoing major surgery.
  • 10 high dependency beds for babies who require close observation and general neonatal care.

Parent Accommodation
There are five NICU parent suites for parents or primary carers of critically unwell babies, including three rooms for postnatal mothers and two standard parent rooms. Eligibility criteria and restrictions apply. Please ask a member of staff for more information about parent accommodation.

Visiting the NICU
Parents and primary carers may spend time with their baby 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the health and safety of babies in the NICU, other visitors are restricted as follows:

  • Only parents and grandparents may visit.
  • A maximum of two people at a time can visit.
  • One parent must be present during all visits (i.e. one grandparent with one parent).
  • Any visitors who are or have recently been unwell with an infection, cold or flu should check with the bedside nurse or nurse in charge by phone before visiting the NICU. 

Visiting Hours

Parents may visit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


NICU is located in Ward 3B on Level 3 (take the Green Lifts).

NICU Reception

(08) 6456 2222




PCH's family-centred design and facilities aim to ensure patients, parents, carers, siblings and other visitors feel welcome, comfortable and valued. 

There are four types of accommodation for PCH patients, families and carers. 

  • Bedside accommodation (all standard inpatient rooms) 
    One parent or carer may stay overnight inside their child’s room. Each room on the inpatient wards has a family zone that includes a day bed, bay window with bench seat, bathroom, general power outlet with USB port and a personal safe to lock up valuables. 
  • Parent Accommodation Facility (Level 5) 
    Managed in partnership with Ronald McDonald House (RMH), the Parent Accommodation Facility 5 includes 12 double-bed ensuite rooms. These rooms are for parents of critically unwell and palliative patients, breastfeeding mothers of sick babies, Royal Flying Doctor Service unplanned admissions, parents of transplant patients and those from rural and remote areas. Eligibility and restrictions apply. Ask the nurse coordinator on your child’s ward for more information.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit parent suites (Level 3)
    The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) includes five double-bed ensuite rooms for parents of critically unwell babies and postnatal mothers.          

Amenities & Facilities

An ATM Rediteller is located near the Kite Cafe on Level 4. Banks are also located in West Perth and Subiaco, and are within walking distance.

PCH has a range of recreation areas and on-site food and retail outlets for visitors.

Main public facilities include:

  • Little Lion Coffee on Ground Level 
  • Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Gift Shop on Ground Level 
  • Food Hall featuring Margaret & Moore, Threepenny, Green Panda on Level 1
  • Supernatural on Level 5 
  • Fun on Four (indoor and outdoor recreation area for patients, families and visitors) on Level 4
  • Vending machines, Ground Floor (near the ED)
  • change facilities
  • ATMs


PCH’s Pastoral Care Services provide pastoral and spiritual care for patients (children), staff, families and carers from all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

We recognise Western Australia’s spiritual diversity and actively engage with people of all beliefs, faiths and traditions. You do not need to identify as religious to receive chaplaincy support.

Spiritual care services are tailored to meet the spiritual needs of each individual or group and may include:

  • spiritual, pastoral and emotional support
  • companionship
  • listening
  • prayer and blessing
  • religious representations and rituals.

Chaplains work across all clinical areas. This provides continuity in our relationship when families transition through the hospital, such as from a child’s initial presentation through to the ward and later as an outpatient.

PCH’s Multi-faith Centre on Level 5 provides a calm and welcoming space for time-out, prayer, meditation, quiet reflection and counselling for people of all faiths, spiritual backgrounds and those of no religion.Within the Multi-faith Centre is a book in which patients, staff and families can write prayers or messages. These prayers are remembered and honoured by the Chaplains.

Patients, staff and families can contact Pastoral Care Services directly by:

  • Visiting the Multi-faith Centre on Level 5
  • Calling us on 6456 2222
  • Asking the nurse to page a Chaplain. 

Interpreter Services

PCH provides an interpreter service for children and families who cannot effectively communicate in English. This includes people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal people and deaf or hearing impaired people who communicate in Auslan.

If you have any difficulties communicating with our staff in English, you can ask for an interpreter any time you need help. Our staff can arrange for a professional interpreter to talk to you face-to-face, via videoconference or by telephone.

It is important to us that you understand all information given to you, services being offered and feel comfortable signing any required documentation. 

Interpreter services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are provided to patients and their families free of charge.   

PCH is part of the QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) site, which has paid parking for patients and visitors. All parking on the site is run by Wilson Parking. The fees are the same across all car parks. 

The closest car parks to PCH are:

  • the basement car park at PCH 
    Entry to the car park is from the southern end of Hospital Avenue. The Green Lifts take you from the basement car park directly into the hospital, with close access to the Emergency Department and inpatient wards.
  • the QEIIMC multideck car park
    The QEIIMC multideck car park is particularly useful for access to PCH's outpatient departments and Family Resource Centre. Entry to the multideck car park is immediately north of PCH at the traffic lights on Winthrop Avenue.



NurtureGroups are held in PerthJoondalupWilletton and Rockingham  fortnightly.


Facilitated by qualified Miracle Babies Foundation Volunteers, these in hospital parent support sessions operate within Australian NICUs. This vital, comforting, emotional support provides parents with the opportunity to share their journey with someone who has been there. Meet other parents who have also experienced a premature or sick newborn.

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