What are the chances your baby will survive?

There are many factors that help determine a baby’s chance of survival, including:

  • Birth weight
  • Gestational age
  • Gender
  • Maturity of organs (especially the lungs) and presence of breathing problems
  • The baby’s condition at birth
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Maternal health
  • Presence of congenital abnormalities
  • Antenatal steroids
  • Severe medical complications such as infections
  • Delivery at a hospital that offers specialist neonatal care

The outcomes for premature babies are generally good, however there are definite risks associated with being born early. The chances of survival increase as the baby gets older, but estimates are never exact. Some babies suddenly get sick with an infection and can pass away unexpectedly, while others are able to fight and survive.

Your baby's medical team will give you as much information as possible to help you decide what is the best course of action for the treatment and care of your baby. We encourage you to discuss any concerns with your baby’s medical team.

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