NurtureTime in-hospital support is facilitated by caring parents who themselves have experienced the birth of premature or sick newborn.

Our qualified NurtureTime Volunteers visit the hospital to offer support, guidance and hope. Parents, family and friends can ask questions, share their thoughts and feelings’ knowing the volunteer has a shared experience.

"I realised I was allowed to have a bad day now and then. I felt silly sometimes about the things I felt guilty about but when I listened to other people you who have been through it I realised I am actually pretty normal. It can be almost funny sometimes."

- Jessica Valencia, mum to twins girls born at 32 weeks on the support received by Miracle Babies volunteers.

NurtureTime is currently available at the following locations;


Volunteers work closely with Social Work and Nursing Departments and are available for one-on-one or group support on-site in the NICU, Special Care Nursery, Antenatal and Maternity wards.  Part of a Miracle Babies Volunteer role at NurtureTime is to encourage the family to ask questions and be involved in baby’s care whilst in the NICU. Tips and suggestions may be discussed regarding coping with the experience and accepting all help and support the Hospital can offer, including Social Work, Lactation Consultants, Nurses and Allied Health.

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