Gift for miracles

In lieu of gifts for your celebration, many supporters create a fundraising page and have your family and friends donate to Miracle Babies Foundation.

This kind gift will enable us to continue to provide the very best support to the 45,000 Australian families whose babies require intensive care each year and the wonderful Australian hospitals that help them get home.

In just minutes you can build your own page and approach your family and friends for a donation by emailing around the unique link of your webpage. Or you can include an image or card inside your invitations with your URL. We have images available for you to use. Please email to view the images.

We can provide you with balloons and information flyers to help decorate your event.

Click here to create your supporter page for one of the following

  • Birthday Wish
  • Our Wedding Wish
  • Our Anniversary Wish
  • Naming Day
  • Christening
  • Expecting a little Miracle - Baby Shower
  • In Loving Memory - By choosing Miracles Babies Foundation, as the beneficiary of donations in lieu of flowers you are making a lasting tribute to a loved one.
  • You can also create a unique celebration fundraising page here
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