Tips and FAQ


Follow these handy tips to maximize your fundraising!

Engage your audience

Tell your personal story and why you have chosen to support Miracle Babies Foundation. If you are fundraising online, add some personality with a photo or video.

Set a Target

Set an ambitious but achievable target, you will find your supporters will dig deep to help you reach your target. You will be surprised by the generosity!

Be Active on Social Media

Social Media is the best tool to spread the word about your fundraising activity. Post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all the social networks you use! Keep your followers updated with your progress to make them feel a part of your challenge. Regular email updates to your contacts are a great way to spread the word. Add it to your email signature.

Local support

Contact your local businesses for support. Ask the businesses you regularly visit like your hairdresser, pharmacy, and day care centre or kids school.

Support through workplace

Ask your workplace to match your funds or get your work colleagues involved to help spread the word. Negotiate a donation from your boss, aim high! You could ask to be included in the company newsletter or internal communications.

Kick off the donation yourself!

If you’re fundraising online lead by example and make a donation out of your own pocket to kick it off. If you can afford it, make a $30 donation to get the ball rolling

Follow up

Follow up your contacts who have not responded, most of the time they are just too busy or missed your initial ask. Follow them up with a polite ask. 


Why do I need to register my fundraising event?

So we can provide you with everything you need to maximize your fundraising activity. You’ll also need authority to fundraise on our behalf to show your donors and sponsors so they are aware the funds are going to Miracle Babies Foundation.

How long will it take to receive my authority to fundraise?

You will receive your authority to fundraise letter within 5 days unless stated as urgent.

Are there any fundraising rules I should be aware of?

Yes, there are rules to protect you as the fundraiser and Miracle Babies Foundation. These can all be found in the Fundraising Guidelines.

What support will I get from Miracle Babies Foundation?

We can’t take on any tasks for your event or activity, but can give you support and guidance along the way.

We can provide promotional material along with the Miracle Babies ‘proudly supporting’ logo for you to use in conjunction with the event or activity.

Depending on the time and location of your fundraising event or activity, we may be able to provide a representative to come along and speak at your event. Please give us as much notice as possible.

Is it better to fundraise online or offline?

This is completely dependent on what is easier for you and your networks. Each has their benefits. If you’d like to discuss these options in more detail, please contact Head Office on 1300 773 664

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