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Knitting & Sewing

Top tips for knitted and sewn items for miracle babies

  • Check with your chosen hospital for any guidelines or requirements they may have.
  • Babies in special care have sensitive and extremely fragile skin. Items should be made of soft materials with the seams and finishes gentle on the skin.
  • There are plenty of choices when deciding on fabric and each person has their own preference. If a fabric appeals to you and you would dress your baby in it, then it’s likely someone else would like it too. We simply ask you to be mindful of the intended recipient, check the fabric design carefully and ask yourself is it suitable for a little baby. Check the design content carefully; large patterns or those with wording don’t often work well on tiny items.
  • All materials used should be easily machine washed and dried. Cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends are good fabric choices. Avoid fabrics that need a delicate wash cycle or cold water washing.
  • Make sure the item is securely constructed.
  • Finish yarn and thread ends securely.
  • Use yarn or heavy thread (not pins or safety pins) to attach sets of items together. For example, a pair of booties. Make a large enough loop with the yarn or thread that it can be easily cut and removed without cutting the items it is holding together.

If you have another helpful hints and tips you would like to share please email them to info@miraclebabies.org.au

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