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Caden in NICUStitched with Love Member of the Month

Meet Caden Rohr, aged 11, from the Hunter Valley in NSW. Caden is one of our cofounder’s eldest child and was born at 29 weeks gestation weighing 1110grams, you can read his birth story here. As a result of Caden’s early arrival and damaging brain bleeds he now has Cerebral Palsy. Despite all his limitations Caden loves spending time with his mummy Naomi creating teeny tiny NICU gowns. Member of the month Questions written by Naomi on behalf of Caden.

Can you share your top tips for new members:

When I was in hospital my Gra (Grandma) made me my very own clothes and mummy loved choosing boyish patterned fabric for me to wear. My biggest advice is to choose fabrics you would dress your baby in!

What are your favourite things to sew / craft?

Anything that lets me use my electric scissors and the sewing machine. I have a special switch which lets me control the power to both using a head switch on my wheelchair and I love the noise. You can check me and mum sewing in this youtube video sorry about all the laughing!

Which Stitched with Love patterns have you enjoyed making the most?Caden sewing

I’ve helped mum design and test run all of the new designs. I love visiting Spotlight to choose fabric and deciding which material to use next.

How long have you been a Stitched with Love Member?

Mum says I’m the 1st official Stitched with Love member

Where did you find out about Stitched with Love?


Huge thanks to Caden (and Naomi) for sharing their tips with us all Stitched with Love members. If you would like to be member of the month it couldn’t be easier simply drop us a line at



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