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Stitched with Love logoAs parents of premature and sick babies, being able to have your baby dressed is very special as it is one of the few ‘normal’ things that can be done for your new baby.

We receive lots of queries from wonderful knitters and sewers who would like to help provide tiny items for the babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Units or Special Care Nurseries. If you love to knit or sew and would like to know that you are helping miracle babies and their families at the same time, this is the perfect way to support Miracle Babies.

Stitched with Love provides access to patterns for premature baby clothes ranging from gowns, cardigans, beanies, blankets. We also provide access to a list of neonatal units across Australia making it easy to know what to make and where to send it. We can also help you by accepting your items on behalf of the NICUs around Australia.

In the Stitched with Love pages you can enjoy…

  • Knitting and sewing patterns for premature and sick newborns
  •  Access to our list of neonatal units
  •  Useful hints and Tips
  •  Stitched with Love Member of the month
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