Thanks BabyLove

3 Aug 2016

Miracle Babies Foundation are proud to partner with BabyLove. With the recent release of BabyLove’s new Premmie nappy range, which has been specially designed to meet the delicate needs of premature babies, BabyLove and Miracle Babies are working together towards the vision of better, healthier outcomes of premature and sick newborns.

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Should the Responsibility for Breastfeeding lie with NSW Treasury not Health? World Breastfeeding Week 2016

2 Aug 2016

Almost 10 years ago, "The Best Start”(1) a Federal Parliamentary Committee Report (2007), recommended action to improve Australia’s rate of breastfeeding yet in NSW, there has been no change in the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at discharge between 2007 (78.9%)(2) and 2014 (78.6%)(3) and in some local health districts, the rate of breastfeeding at discharge has reduced.

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Giving thanks

25 Jul 2016

Friday, 22 July saw the Board of Directors host a morning tea with some of our long term supporters, giving an opportunity to highlight the growth of the Foundation and the further need for more support services across Australia to help reach more of the 48,000 families challenged by the birth of a premature or sick newborn.

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Kangaroo On!

15 Jun 2016

What an amazing event the Kangaroo-A-Thon challenge was this year! We ended up with 20 hospitals in Australia and then there were an additional 74 hospitals in North America - how fantastic is that!

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Kangaroo Care - more than a cute name & beautiful photos.

15 May 2016

Kangaroo Care - yes it has a cute name and yes, it provides some of the most beautiful pictures you’ll ever see but Kangaroo Care for premature and sick babies has immeasurable health benefits for both baby, mum and dad and everyone needs to get on the bandwagon.  

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Miracle mum gives back with new book

10 May 2016

Miracle mum of 2 Natalie Gane is no stranger to raising funds for Miracle Babies Foundation, In 2013 she helped raise $10k for the Foundation walking the Kokoda Track. And now her latest endeavor is giving back to the Foundation once again...

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The Other Diabetes : 2016 World Health Day

8 Apr 2016

There are many reasons why a baby may be born premature or sick but one that is not often talked about is diabetes and more specifically gestational diabetes - the development of the condition during the second half of your pregnancy.

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