Employee engagement


As a Miracle Babies Foundation corporate supporter, your employees will have the opportunity to get involved in unique team building experiences, valuable skills transfer and the chance to make a real and positive difference to the lives of premature ad sick newborns. Here are some ways your employees can get involved:

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a commitment by an organisation to encourage its employees to volunteer in the not-for-profit sector.

Corporate volunteering can range from individual volunteer effort through to team or entire company involvement. It can occur within company time, or a combination of company time and the employee’s own time.

Volunteering with Miracle Babies Foundation has an immense amount of benefits for employees, the community and companies alike.

Some examples of Corporate Volunteering include;

  • Giving staff a paid day a month in which they can volunteer to work for Miracle Babies Foundation.
  • Having staff members - particularly those with some expertise in financial or legal matters, volunteer to sit on the Miracle Babies Foundation Board.
  • Arranging a staff secondment program - for example an accountancy firm might second one of its staff to help during tax time.

Pro Bono Work

Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin meaning "for the public good." The term is sometimes used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service.

Some companies choose to support Miracle Babies Foundation through pro-bono work, and the specific skills and expertise of professionals are used to supply services directly help our organisation.  

In Kind Support

Corporate support does not have to be financial; you can give much needed assistance through the provision of in kind goods and services. 

Money that would otherwise be expensed on these items can be redirected back to funding the very important work of supporting premature and sick newborns and their families and the amazing Newborn Intensive Care Units.

Areas where in kind support can make a significant difference include;

  • Rent & associated expenses
  • Utilities e.g electricity
  • Telecommunications
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • HR services
  • Storage facilities
  • Printing, design and mailing services
  • Event Organiser services
  • Office supplies and stationery

Workplace Giving

For information on our Workplace Giving program, please click here

Staff Fundraising

Empowering staff to raise much-needed funds for Miracle Babies allows them to learn and apply new skills. Fundraising activities can be fun, sociable and simple whilst allowing staff to do something meaningful for their community.

Fundraising activities are limited only by the imagination, to help we have compiled an A-Z list of Fundraising Ideas - please don't feel you have to stick to it. In fact often the best fundraising ideas are your own so if you have one, we would love to hear it!

If you like an idea, adopt it as your own and adapt it to your circumstances. The key to a successful fundraising activity is originality and to choose something that is a little bit different. If it suits you and your audience it's bound to be memorable.

As an added incentive, can your company match fundraising efforts?

Already know what you’d like to do?
  1. Click here to see our fundraising guidelines and fill out an application form. From there we can issue you with an authority to fundraise.
  2. Once you’ve got your authority to fundraise you can start organising your event. 

We can provide you with the support and resources you need, you just need to contact us

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