Current Miracle Wishlist

Funding & Wishlist

The following items have been requested by some of the hospitals that Miracle Babies Foundation currently supports. Each item has been assessed and approved to appear on our Miracle Wish List which is regularly updated. 




Princess Margaret Hospital/ NETS, WA


Financial assistance to develop a NETS WA website offering easy access for both health professionals and paretns to gain information regarding medical management and prognosis of conditions affecting newborn babies requiring medical/surgical intervention and transport to PMH/KEMH

Liverpool Hospital, NSW  $30,553  12 x syringe drivers and pole mounts.
Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA $10,000 Baby Steps Towards Home: The Fiona Stanley Hospital Neonatal Journey
10-15 minute educational film highlighting the journey a family undertakes when having a preterm baby at Fiona Stanley Hospital. The film will highlight events from resuscitation to discharge, often encountered by preterm babies. The film will be specific to FSH.

If you do have any questions surrounding the Miracle Wish List or would like to purchase an item please call Miracle Babies Foundation on 02 9724 8999 for assistance.

Please note: All approved items remain on our Miracle Wish List for a period of 12 months. It is the obligation of the applicant to notify Miracle Babies Foundation as soon as possible in writing if the funding requested is no longer needed. If the item has not been funded within the 12 month period, the applicant will be contacted for a review.


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