NurtureProgram and Implementation

The birth of a premature or sick newborn is an overwhelming and traumatic experience for parents. “The NICU was an onslaught of flashing lights, alarming machines, indecipherable language and living minute by minute. Simply surviving the NICU and its inconceivable highs and lows required all the obtainable support to keep me standing” NICU Mum

The families of these miracle babies usually suffer extreme emotional distress and hardship. Their lives are changed permanently with their ability to cope significantly influenced by their NICU experience.

Recent research from Stanford University School of Medicine shows clearly that parents whose babies endured long stays in a NICU risk developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Four months after their NICU experiences, three of the 18 parents in the study had been diagnosed with PTSD and seven were considered high risk. Another study found that 16 weeks after childbirth mothers with access to experienced NICU parents had “less anxiety and depression and felt they had more social support.

Miracle Babies Foundation responds to this need with support based on experience.

The Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureProgram™ is a free support program available to families of premature and sick newborns at any stage through a high risk pregnancy, their Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN) journey, their transition to home and onwards.

This successful program is essential for all families and comprises:

  • NurtureLine - National 24-hour family helpline
  • NurtureTime - In hospital parent to parent support
  • NurtureGroup - Out of hospital play and support groups

NurtureProgram Volunteers

Miracle Babies Foundation prides itself on offering a comprehensive screening and approval process for its volunteers. We adhere to strict guidelines in selecting and approving all Volunteers who may enter the program by hospital referral or by applying directly to Miracle Babies Foundation.

It is mandatory for all Volunteers to complete;

  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Working with Children checks - requirements differ per State (this is mandatory)

Miracle Babies Foundation complete with the following:

  • Referee checks
  • Confirming Working with Children check clearance
  • Interview with Miracle Babies Foundation representative
  • Interview with Hospital Department Social Worker or Miracle Babies Foundation Social Worker
  • Clearance of Criminal Record checks (where applicable)
  • Booking and confirmation of attendance of Hospital Orientation (where applicable)
  • Miracle Babies Foundation Volunteer approval process and ID

In addition Parent Support Volunteers participating in on-site NurtureTime will require final approval by hospital department and also complete the hospitals volunteer orientation program.

All NurtureProgram™ Volunteers are required to follow Miracle Babies Foundation Policies including but not limited to Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Policy, Privacy Policy and Volunteer Policy.
All individuals and/or families accessing our services are advised that Miracle Babies Foundation Parent Support Volunteers are not medically trained and so cannot give medical advice.

Miracle Babies Foundation monitors each parent support volunteer’s case load which will be managed by the NurtureProgram™ Coordinator. A volunteer is responsible to report any overwhelming cases with their corresponding NurtureProgram™ Coordinator and Social Work to decide on an appropriate strategy to best support the family.

NurtureTime Volunteers are required to register general information with Head Office, including but not limited to gestation, postcode, and hospital. In some instances parents may wish to have future contact with the NurtureTime Volunteer in which the parent may provide contact details to the Volunteer.

All information received is treated confidential and any documentation remains the property of Miracle Babies Foundation where all applicable policies will be followed.

If your hospital is interested in Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureProgram and how we can help you best support the families or premature and sick newborns please contact head office on 1300 622 243 or email info@miraclebabies.org.au

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