Research Achievements

Miracle Babies Foundation is committed to working towards creating innovations in research and practice that will deliver better, healthier outcomes for newborns and their families challenged by prematurity or sickness.

Our research partnerships with healthcare providers and professional organisations improves standards of care and long term quality of life.

Since 2012, our Founder, Melinda Cruz has been an Honorary Research Associate with the University of Sydney, School of Medicine for her work as an expert consumer representative. Representing the Foundation, Mel has co-authored many research articles which can be found below. 


Research Achievements:

Extended parental leave for families with premature or sick newborns - Miracle Babies Foundation Survey

Effectiveness of Family Integrated Care in neonatal intensive care units on infant and parent outcomes: a multicentre, multinational, cluster-randomised controlled trial 

Social media is essential for research engagement

TORPIDO 30/60 Trial wins the 2019 ACTA Consumer Involvement Award

Delayed Cord Clamping Saves Premature Babies




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